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Revelation 3:7-8 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write, ‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, “He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens”: 8 “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.”


William Carey. George Mueller. Charles Finney. Charles Spurgeon. Jonathan Edwards. D.L. Moody. Hudson Taylor. R.A. Torrey. Famous men who were on fire for the Lord, letting God work through them. They lived in an amazing time when America was the launching pad for foreign missions.

If we match up the seven churches of Revelation 2-3 with eras in the Church Age, the church of Philadelphia would line up with this era of revival and missions. The church of Philadelphia is a church that we should attempt to be like. God had given them an open door for ministry, and this church was taking full advantage of it. Along with the church of Smyrna, Philadelphia is the other church that does not receive words of condemnation or correction.

Jesus commended them with these words: “. for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.”.” (Revelation 3:8) They were tired, weary in the work, but not weary of the work, and yet they kept going.


Precious saints you may be doing this fast today and you feel weary, or all hell seems to have risen up around you, but I am encouraging you to keep going strong and move with this momentum of revival fire for the Lord has risen upon you and it is time to arise and shine!


I believe the call of God to the church of Philadelphia, and to the church today, is to reach this lost world. It is urgent. You might be tired; you may be carrying heavy burdens of life. But it is high time that we make sure to get the message of salvation to a lost and dying world. It is time for revival and to reap this end time harvest of souls.


The Great Commission is a stake-in-the-ground call for the church that leaves no room for doubt or confusion. The command is simple: make disciples. It gives us both an action and a desired outcome. It’s something to work towards, something to keep us persistent and keep us on track. So why is it that we find discipleship so difficult to advance in? Most of the time because we do it with people. And people are messy. Now I personally believe when revival comes the Holy Spirit makes it a lot easier than trying to do just in our mere flesh.


There is no prescription or script for a perfect discipleship program. But we can even just hand someone a gospel tract, put it in their letter box or on their windscreen and tell someone that Jesus loves them. See if we are helping people grow closer to God and encourage them to be stronger in faith and deeper in community then we’re on the right track. If we’re helping them advance in faith, prayer, and relationships then we’re on the way to fulfilling this great commission: one country, one city, one congregation, one family, and one conversation at a time.


Prayer is the engine and stepping out in faith advances one step at a time.


Discipleship is one step at a time with others. Advancing is growth, development, and intentional steps forward. Discipleship is all of that alongside another. Advancing is reaching, challenging, fighting, and storming heaven. Discipleship is that in intentional community. When we truly understand the purpose of advancing, we’ll bring people on the journey and discipleship will come naturally.


When we truly understand the purpose of discipleship, advancing is our only option.



The Great Commission is focused on discipleship, not just evangelism. How are you engaging with this?


Who are some people you’re currently discipling and how are you helping them advance in faith, community, and their relationship with God?


Prayer: Lord, strengthen me in this journey of discipleship. I pray that you would give me wisdom as I dive into discipling people. Holy Spirit, give me power. I pray that all that I do would be rooted in my relationship with you.


It's time for REVOLUTION against DEAD RELIGION! We are determined to change the way the world thinks about how true followers of Jesus should live, so let us Arise & Shine in this hour.




1949 - Argentina Revival


Evangelist Tommy Hicks (1909 – 1973) is mistakenly being identified as the person God used to spark the flame for the 1954 Argentine Revival. But from this story, you will see that there were others that appear to have laid the foundation for that revival with intense intercession. That is why with the WhatsApp groups were created to sound the call to deeper prayer and intercession that what most think is required. Hopefully these revival stories are stirring you to revival, so we can also see a revival that has never been seen before precious saints.



► Argentina was considered by mission boards to be the least fruitful mission field in the Western Hemisphere.

► The Assemblies of God, after 40 years of hard work, could only account for 174 adult church members by 1951.

► In 1949, a census of the three most successful denominations in Argentina totalled 574 members. Large churches at the time were made up of but seven members.

► Spiritism was dominant in many cities and towns, with churches being unable to get a foothold in those communities.

► The occult had a grip on millions and had influence in every level of society. Christians often frequented witch doctors for remedies to their sicknesses when they didn’t have the money for modern medicine.

► Roman Catholicism, being the official state religion, discriminated severely against Protestant churches. Protestants were often forbidden to use radio and television, as well as to gain permission to conduct large evangelistic campaigns.



Missionary R. Edward Miller and Wife

In 1948, a missionary from Oregon, R. Edward Miller, at 31 years of age, accepted the assignment to take over a seven-year-old mission church in the city of Mendoza. The church only had eight members. That was the typical attendance for most of the churches throughout Argentina at that time.


In January of 1949, Miller and another missionary partner went to the town of Lavalle where the Gospel had never been preached before. They were to conduct a two-week evangelistic campaign, but in Miller’s words, it was a “failed enterprise.” Even with faithfulness in prayer and canvassing of the community, not a single person attended their services.


Miller contemplated leaving his missionary work and returning to the United States, but prior to doing that, he decided to give himself to prayer. He sensed God’s terms were “a minimum of eight consecutive hours daily with Him in prayer and His Word.”


Miller kept up that level of prayer for two months. He then began to experience the presence of God during his times of prayer. After another six weeks in prayer, at the same intense level of commitment, God spoke to him and promised that a revival was coming.



God gave Miller very clear directions for his next steps:


“o tell the people [of his small congregation in Mendoza] to begin prayer meetings. Tell them to begin on Monday night and to come prepared to stay from eight o’clock until midnight. If they are not prepared to stay the entire four hours, they must not come at all.”


Three people came that Monday night to join Miller and his wife for prayer. It appeared to be an unprofitable time, as the three that united with them sat silently during the entire four hours. This continued daily with the same group through Thursday evening. On this night, at about eleven p.m., as they stood and were united around a table, one of the ladies, who had been given the impression, beginning on the first night of the prayer meetings, that she was supposed to bang on the table with her hand, did so, and when she did, It was like a rushing wind swept through the room from one corner to the opposite corner.


Within moments they were all engulfed by the presence of God and a new fountain was opened for the moving of the Holy Spirit through Argentina.


It was in early June 1949, when the “River from Heaven” began to flow out into the city of Mendoza and Argentina. News of that visitation of the Holy Spirit spread rapidly and the attendance at these nightly prayer meetings increased swiftly.  For nearly one year this prayer meeting continued, “from 7:00 p.m. until 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. every night without fail”.



Following the initial visitation of the Holy Spirit, the congregation in the city of Mendoza multiplied rapidly, and then formed themselves into teams and went out in the streets testifying and seeing God perform healing miracles, which led to many being saved.


►Two teenage girls from the church were weeping for souls as they walked down the street. They encountered two doctors who began to mock them, but then listened to their testimonies, were convicted, and knelt asking for prayer.

►Two young people visited a lady whose mother was paralysed and had been in bed for 5 years. They prayed for her, and she got up and drank tea with them.

►Two elderly people visited a man in a coma. That man was also crippled, and his liver had been damaged from excessive drinking. They prayed for him, and he was healed.

►After two months the revival at the Mendoza church began to spread to churches in other cities.

►The news of the revival spread throughout Argentina, and Miller began receiving invitations to come and speak at other churches.


Immigrants Experience a Visitation of the Holy Spirit


There was a Slavic-speaking group of immigrants from Europe living in the Chaco Province. They had heard of the Holy Spirit being poured out upon the Slavic-speaking churches in Buenos Aires, and believers in Chaco began seeking God for the same.


In due time the Holy Spirit was poured out on that group, and the pastor’s son, Alexander, who was extremely rebellious, came to the church’s revival services to mock, ridicule, and cause a disruption. It was at that time when the Holy Spirit arrested that young man, and within a few months he became a student at the River Plate Bible Institute (Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata – IBRP) in City Bell, a town just outside of Buenos Aires.


While Alexander was attending IBRP, he had spent several months of sleepless nights, interceding, for what, he was not sure of at that time, but his times of intercession were accompanied by deep heart-burning and intense longings for God.


It was in the late evening hours on June 4, 1951, while out praying in an open field, that Alexander had an overwhelming experience with the presence of God, and it terrified him. R. Edward Miller, who was a teacher at IBRP at the time, indicated that it was an “angel of the Lord”, or a “Heavenly Visitor”.


All the other students were asleep in the dorm at that time. Alexander, experiencing tremendous fear, raced back to the dorm, pounded on the door which was locked, and yelled at the top of his voice for someone to let him in. One of the students opened the door for him, and Alexander rushed in, expecting to get away from that presence, but it followed him inside.


The fear of God fell upon every student at that moment, and they were all awake, and under severe conviction of sin, began crying out to God for forgiveness. For many nights after this, the students dreaded to be alone, because of that awe-inspiring presence of God that remained upon the Bible Institute. They heard the sound of strong wind. Their little church filled. People were convicted, weeping, and praying.


By Saturday teams were going out in powerful evangelism. Two teenage girls were weeping in the street. Two doctors mocked them but listened to their testimonies and were convicted. They knelt there in the street and asked for prayer.


Two church members visited a lady whose mother was paralysed, in bed for 5 years. They prayed for her, and she got up and drank tea with them. Two elderly people visited a man in a coma, a cripple with a liver damaged from drink. When they prayed for him, he was healed.


A young man, Alexander and his band of rebels sat in the front row of a revival meeting aiming to disrupt it. God convicted him and he repented. His gang began to leave but fell under the Spirit on the way out. All were converted. Two of them went to the Bible School.


Ed Miller taught at the Bible Training Institute in 1951 in the little town of City Bell, near Buenos Aires. In June he was led to cancel lectures so the whole Bible School could pray every day. He announced this on the first Sunday in June. That night Alexander, the former rebel leader, a teenager of Polish descent, was praying long after midnight out in the fields when he sensed something pressing down on him, an intense light surrounding him and a heavenly being enfolding him. Terrified he ran back to the Institute.


On the morning of June 5, 1951, the institute’s regular classes were suspended, and for the next ten weeks, both faculty and students (50 people) spent their entire time—10-20 hours per day, with uncontrollable weeping in deep brokenness as the “Holy Spirit placed upon them the burden of the Lord for deliverance for the vast, dreadful sins of Argentina.”


The heavenly visitor entered the Institute with him, and in a few moments all the students were awake with the fear of God upon them. They began to cry out in repentance as God by his Spirit dealt with them. The next day the Spirit of God came again upon Alexander as he was given prophecies of God’s moving in far off countries. The following day Alexander again saw the Lord in the Spirit, but this time he began to speak slowly and distinctly the words he heard from the angel of God. No one could understand what he was saying, however, until another lad named Celsio (with even less education than Alexander), overcome with the Spirit of God markedly upon him, began to interpret… These communications (written because he choked up when he tried to talk) were a challenge from God to pray and indeed the Institute became a centre of prayer till the vacation time, when teams went out to preach the kingdom. It was the beginning of new stirrings of the Spirit across the land.


The Bible Institute continued in prayer for four months from that initial outpouring of the glory of God on Monday 4 June. They prayed 8 10 hours a day, with constant weeping. Bricks became saturated with their tears. One student prayed against a plaster wall daily, weeping. After six hours his tear stains reached floor. After eight hours his tears began to form a puddle on floor.


Two students went to a town, wept, and prayed for three to four weeks. Then the Holy Spirit led them to hold tent meetings which filled the tent. The Lord moved on the crowds powerfully.


Prophecies given to the Bible School told of God filling the largest auditoriums and stadiums in Argentina and in other countries. Those prophecies that came during this time of prayer were literally fulfilled in the coming few years.


Edwin Orr visited each of the 25 states and territories in neighbouring Brazil in 1952 seeing powerful moves of the spirit in his meetings which were supported by all denominations. The evangelical church council declared that the year of 1952 saw the first of such a general spiritual awakening in the country’s history. Many meetings had to be moved into soccer stadiums, some churches increased in numbers by 50% in one week, and the revival movement continued in local churches in Brazil.


One of the other such prophecy given earlier by the students was that the largest stadiums in Argentina would be filled with people seeking God. This took place in 1954 during the ministry of Tommy Hicks.


On a Friday morning in September, a prophecy came forth which stated:



Great joy and laughter then filled the hearts of the 50 intercessors at the Bible Institute, and then the harvest began.



After the conclusion of the school year, the students at IBRP were sent out two by two to different cities to work in churches assigned to them. One pair went to a church in Veinticinco de Mayo, which only had about a dozen people attending after many years of its existence. The two young men spent most of their time in intercession. They didn’t attend services and rarely ate meals.


The Lord directed the two young men to conduct evangelistic services using an old tent. So, they put it up and it resulted in many being saved and healed. The church at Veinticinco de Mayo was no longer empty.


This was the typical pattern of the students and faculty as they commenced evangelistic efforts in towns throughout Argentina.



The missionary, R. Edward Miller, was then given the orders from the Lord to leave the town of City Bell and “wait and pray.” He was instructed to go 250 miles to the south, to the city of Mar del Plata (where he would start a Bible school). Upon his arrival there with his family, the Christians living there began to mock, scoff, ridicule, and laugh at his vision for Mar del Plata. Miller indicated that this was a tremendous trial of his faith, as they had to wait more than two years for the Lord’s season of revival to come to the town.


In due time revival did come to Mar del Plata, as well as to many of the other towns and cities in the surrounding area. Many phenomenal stories of revival, with its accompanying miracles and people saved, took place in the following towns:





San Manuel

Pampa del Indio

Villa San Martin



► People abandoned their careers to dedicate their lives to the ministry.

► Some started Christian newspapers.

► Hitherto unknown evangelists spread out over the country ministering to thousands.

► Healing ministries were started.

► New churches were started.

► Missionaries were sent out to other nations.

► The nation of Argentina, steeped in idolatry and paganism, began to emerge into one of the greatest mass operations of Divine grace ever recorded in Christian history.

► The intense intercession and faithful ministry of R. Edward Miller, and many others like him, opened the door for Evangelist Tommy Hicks and the subsequent 1954 Argentina Revival that occurred from April to June of that year.

► Five decades later, Argentina was still reaping the benefits from that revival.



Also, in 1952 Tommy Hicks was conducting a series of meetings in California when God showed him a vision. While he was praying, he saw a map of South America covered with a vast field of golden wheat ripe for harvesting. The wheat turned into human beings calling him to come and help them.


He wrote a prophecy in his Bible about going by air to that land before two summers would pass. Three months later, after an evangelistic crusade, a pastor’s wife in California gave that same prophecy to him that he had written down. He was invited to Argentina in 1954 and had enough money to buy a one-way air ticket to Buenos Aires.



On his way there after meetings in Chile, the word Peron came to his mind. He asked the air stewardess if she knew what it meant. She told him Peron was the President of Argentina. When he went to make an appointment with Juan Peron, the dictator President, he prayed for a guard who was healed and so the guard arranged an appointment with Peron.  Through prayer the President was healed of an ugly eczema and gave Hicks the use of a stadium and free access to the state radio and press.


The revival campaign shifted into the Argentina’s largest arena, the Hurricane Football Stadium, seating 110,000 which overflowed. During nightly meetings over two months 300,000 registered decisions for Christ and many were healed at every meeting.


He can do it again just like He did in Argentina, as we come together in prayer to see God move. He can do it in your life right where you live precious saints! Are you praying and joining these fasts with an expectation that the greatest Endtime repentance revival is going to happen?


So today the rest of the nations are in desperate need for repentance revival for we know the Lord is coming back soon. I believe revival is coming in such a powerful way and once it sparks it will spread to all those that hunger and thirst precious saint’s hallelujah! So do not get off the repentance revival train that is moving full steam ahead until the Lord comes in a glorious way!



Let us pray saints:

1. Lord, please let your fire of revival fall upon every hungry heart that is reading this program today in Jesus Mighty Name!


2. Lord let your Holy Spirit fire fall upon each person's home today in Jesus Mighty Name!


3. Lord, we ask through the name of Your Son Jesus that you destroy every work of the devil delaying the fire of repentance revival coming to our lives in Jesus mighty name! 


4. Lord may every evil agent of darkness that were sent to manipulate and destroy the church and that of your remnant be exposed and rendered powerless in Jesus mighty name!


5. Lord, arrest our hearts, so we may be fully yourself today in Jesus Mighty Name!


6. Lord, we bind every spirit causing anyone to be lukewarm, weak or in slumber rendered powerless and ask you to come out of our lives in Jesus Might Name!


7. Lord just as you send revival in today's testimony, may it stir within the hearts first of those He is calling and those He is yet to touch in these End-times in Jesus Mighty Name!


8. Lord, let us know you more and seek the higher calling within our lives in Jesus Mighty Name.


9. Lord help us to in unity with our family, that we may serve You together in Jesus Mighty Name!


10. Lord we ask through the name of Your Son Jesus that you destroy every work of the devil delaying the fire of repentance revival coming to our lives in Jesus mighty name! 


11. Pray that God will reveal His requirements for genuine revival in your life, family, church, community, and nation. Ask God to start that revival in your own heart and life that repentance revival will flow.


12. Ask God what He wants you to do today to apply what He has revealed to you and run with it. What actions will you take after this fasting day?


13. Pray for an alertness and an awakening from spiritual slumber, do that you may be ablaze. Ask the Lord to awaken the remnant body of Christ and draw more saints into the Body of Christ.


14. Declare readiness over God’s people for radical change that will come from a powerful move of God!


15. Decree that lives are being characterised by an increasing hunger for a new move of God and experience Your healing power in Jesus mighty Name!


16. Ask God to do a fresh work within our heart this weekend, that just as you moved in Argentina, that you will start with us today and do great things in Jesus Mighty Name!


17. May revival come to each of our homes and change family members to be on fire for God in Jesus Mighty Name!


18. Lord we pray for Pastor Robert’s Meetings scheduled in 2023 starting again in South Africa in March, may You come and visit Your people within those respected nations as You have promised in Jesus Mighty name!


19. Any principality in the heavenlies delaying your progress and Gods messengers be removed in Jesus mighty name!


21. Any agent of satanic delay in my (office, home, school, place of work, city, and nation), withholding my promotion/graduation, revival may they be completely removed and rendered powerless in the mighty name of Jesus!


22. Father we ask that you please send angelic reinforcements from the 3rd heavens to release our blessings and arrest all demonic hinderances in the 2nd heavens, in the mighty name of Jesus!


23. Father for my shame, troubles, and delay, I shall receive double honour, in the mighty name of Jesus!


24. I refuse to give up until my testimony gives birth to many other testimonies and revival comes to my home, church, city, and nation, in the mighty name of Jesus!


25. Lord let your Holy Spirit fire fall upon each person's home today to stir revival in the hearts of Your remnant in Jesus Mighty Name!



Now as many of you may have heard me mention already about the 70 WhatsApp groups that we have already started for different nations that desire Repentance Revival. See just as it takes only just one person to change the atmosphere with prayer, it also just takes one person to put up their hand to start a WhatsApp group for your nation. So, we are just looking for one person that is committed to pray for your nation to see this Endtime Repentance Revival. What the purpose of these groups will be to encourage people weekly to fast and pray and invite locals to join to stir revival and share the content.


Therefore, as we desire to do our part and fulfilling the preaching of the gospel to all nations, we will start this straight away. So, if you are interested in joining one of our WhatsApp groups, then feel free to email us at


Now as the Lord tarries and the mandates continue to come down, I plan to travel to nations that desire repentance revival that have started these groups just like with South Africa and Namibia. Therefore, as I pray the Lord will place me exactly where I need to be so revival shall come. But as we await upon the Lord, we must prepare the ground in prayer and fasting for all nations.


I have some nations below mentioned that are already existing and just need more members to pray for those specific nations. So, if you know someone or are interested to join then feel free.



Just get them to click this link to join the WhatsApp group:



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Yes pastor I fast


Mar 04, 2023

Praying for repentance revival to come


Awesome information Pastor Clancy yes I'm fasting with you and reading the blogs keep allowing the holy spirit to use you mighty yes we as a people can be and do GREAT exploit.


Mar 03, 2023

Thank you Pastor Clancy for the daily prophetic prayers and for arranging the weekly Friday fasts and the monthly fasts as well ! My family is going through a tough time right now. Ive surrender all my burdens to God and we’re trusting him to vindicate us in Jesus mighty name !


I am so excited to see what GOD is going to do . I pray that your travels are safe and that Jesus will continue to bless i your ministry and your family. We keep u in prayer as u travel and open new and exciting roads.

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