Updated: Nov 4


Precious Saints,

The purpose of our weekly corporate Friday fasting is to pray for repentance revival within our families, nations, seek personal breakthroughs and keep us self-disciplined within these perilous times that we are living today. The Prophets of Old Fasted. The Lord, Jesus Christ fasted. Jesus Christ once told His Disciples that a time is coming that they will need to fast like the Disciples of John, The Baptist, who were fasting. Therefore, fasting is not exempted for us precious saints as Christians. The call and instruction to fast today at this time can never be over-emphasized enough, for we are living in days where what was once done in dark alleys, is now strut down the main streets in front of our faces. We need revival more than ever before precious saints, but we individually need to be victorious as Christians. So, there could be no better time to fast than the days we are living, as we prepare ultimately for the Lords soon return. Now each week you may not always get prayer points, but I will try send you on the different platforms each week as time permits, otherwise you need to seek the Lord for a deeper encounter with Him.

FASTING TIME: From Thursday evening 9pm – 6pm Friday Evening each week (unless there is an extended fast at that time)

TYPES OF FASTING: I will categorize fasting in 3 ways.

Water Fasting: In this type of fasting, only water is taken during the fasting. No other food is taken.

WARNING: Please, make sure you are trained in fasting before you do water fasting and make sure you drink water at any time of the day you are thirsty.

Fruit Fasting: Only fruit and water could be used during your fasting.