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WE DONT WANT ANOTHER CHURCH PROGRAM PEOPLE, WE WANT TO BE IN A CONGREGATION WHERE THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ANOINTING THE PREACHING TO TRANSFORM HEARTS AND THE HOLY WORSHIP ATTRACTS THE VERY PRESENCE AND GLORY OF GOD. THIS IS MY DESIRE OH YES! I want to see the house of God where it's open 24 hours a day so people can come. We don't close the hospitals after eight hours a day or the police station. Why should the churches be locked up tonight? If you know a church on fire for God, tell me and I'll go there. A church where (after) you've gone in, you don't come out the same, believing that God is there (and) you've been in His holy presence! Numbers are not important, but how many people leave that place transformed as a result of fearing the Lord. The early church was married to poverty, prisons and persecutions. Today, the church is married to prosperity, personality, and popularity. I believe every church is either supernatural or superficial. I don't believe there's any middle ground. You are either hot or cold, foolish or wise. I want to see a fellowship where your burdens become mine! Your grief over your children becomes my grief! Where we really bear each other's burdens; where we love each other and let the world come and see that we are the followers of the meek and lowly Jesus who cared only to do the will of His Father. THIS IS MY VISION AND MAY IT BE A REALITY TODAY FOR REVIVAL ON THE PULPIT IS WHAT THE CHURCH NEEDS HALLELUJAH!

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