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TIME TO WAKE UP & DISCERN THE FALSE ANOINTING The FALSE ANOINTING is a Satanic counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. This counterfeit can be very clearly seen in the cultic and occult manifestations of pagan religions within every single different culture and corner of the face of this earth. The main Biblical idea of anointing has to do with being ‘set apart’ for holy purposes. The satanic counterfeit is a ‘setting apart’ for satanic deception that produces confusion and delusion. Sadly, un-discerning Christian leaders and known false teachers are applying biblical terminology to this so-called 'anointing' and they say it is a work of Holy Spirit. In doing so, they designate the Person of the Holy Spirit as an impersonal force that can be manipulated at the will of man. Furthermore, the manifestations that occur are not holy, but are the EXACT SAME MANIFESTATIONS found in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and many pagan cults and traditions around he world. Every single nation will have the false gift in operation. You will see false healings and deliverances manifesting and unless you are discerning you will not know the difference. Some Pastors will purpose to pursue these powers witch doctors or any agent of Satan, which will be different in each nation. There are also so many ministers today ministering with ancient and inherited family powers. What I mean by that is that powers are sometimes inherited through ancient family idols or any other idolatry. It could also be inherited from Freemasonry or witchcraft power passed on from father to son. Depending on the culture, tribe or people group will determine many different entry points of demonic counterfeit powers. What happens is many they get saved, but don't get full deliverance. So many Pastors were not delivered before they went into ministry and start laying hands on people and start activating the false anointing. These powers are in them right from birth. It has become part of them that they can hardly separate themselves from such powers. These pastors do not want to be delivered because they would lose the source of their power. Most if not all the ministerial decisions they have ever taken was based on the instructions of the demons so, if they lose the demons, who would now instruct them? They are afraid of taking decisions on their own which has never happened in their ministry. We have seen the Lord expose many of these false ministers of the gospel as we travel from place to place by Gods grace. The demons have been part and parcel of their ministry and losing the demons to them is like losing their power base. Losing the demons means deliberately excepting failure in ministry after much “success”. Most of them do not know the criteria for appointing pastors, so the demons decide who should be given positions in the church even. I heard of a story of a associate pastor of a so-called prophetic and deliverance-based church was in a night vigil in the church and was led by the Holy Spirit to pray like this: “Heavenly Father, I command every power from the sea operational in this church to return to the sea in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, I command every power from the forest operational in this church to return to the forest” After this simply but, powerful prayer, there was confusion in the church. The chief prophetess and some associate prophets and prophetesses screamed and began to run toward the sea while the deputy prophetess and another set of associates also screamed and headed for the jungle. Apparently, those who headed for the sea were ministering with marine spirits, while those who headed for the jungle got their power from sacred forests. (Tree dwelling demons) The associate pastor was not even introduced to the general overseer, who is a Bishop but, by providence they met and the Bishop was impressed with the ministry of the pastor but, he simply said to him, son you have got a great power from God but, the truth is that this ministry cannot accommodate you. Makes you see what the foundation of that ministry was based upon. The devil attacks and exploits unconfessed sin. If sin occurs, especially sin related to idolatry or witchcraft, and it remains unresolved, the enemy has the legal right to accuse and oppress. Combining the Biblical principle of visitation of the sins of the fathers on the children with clinical data from deliverance sessions, we observe a connection between genealogical sin and an oppression in current generations. Satan’s goal is to perpetuate his stronghold. Let me relate a hypothetical illustration. Let’s say that my great grandmother practised occultism. She would have consorted with spirits and received certain powers of divination. She went to the grave unrepentant and unredeemed, her sin unresolved before God. What happens to those divining and deceiving spirits when she dies? Where do they go? They will probably try to stay within the family. The typical scenario is that these spirits will transfer to the daughter, or granddaughter, or jump over to the male line. The spirits claim a right to remain in the family based on unrepentant or unresolved sin. A generation or two later, I enter the picture and find my way into the Kingdom of God. If, at the time of conversion, I do not sufficiently separate and break from these spiritual connections, I may experience some significant oppression and resistance to my growth in grace. Let us be very discerning within this hour to see the genuine from the false, as we are watchful for His soon coming and return. “And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you: For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ [Anointed]; and shall deceive many. ” (Mark 13:5-6)

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