DEBORAH, JEZEBEL AND DIVA! To have "female problems", you must have female parts. Men, have no womb, etc. Certain spirits attract and are attracted primarily to, women. Others, to men. In Judges 4-5, Deborah was a woman, with a "five fold" ministry. A wife, mother, judge, prophetess and leader of men, in battle. She is type of the, "ANOINTING!" A Deborah anointing is "genuine." However, the Jezebel spirit, is a "FALSE ANOINTING". One: It is counterfeit. The thing that makes "counterfeit money, false, is NOT how it looks, but, the source, from which it operates." If it's not from your countries MINT or reserve bank, it's not legit. A Jezebel spirit operates from a source of "CONTROL, not CHRIST!" Two: It counter-reacts. It appears anointed, but, is not. Though, often, it is very strong. It is a masculine counterfeit, that Emasculates BOLD MEN and reproduces BRAZEN WOMEN. Three: It castrates. She lived in a "house of Eunuchs." She cuts off the ability to "reproduce" and leadership potential of discipled men, while, it "Clones" women. Jezebel is spoken of in the Old and New Testament. In 2Kings 9:22, as a whore and witch. She was married to Ahab and INFLUENCED, OUTSIDE. She is a "Man-Hater, Mankiller, Man Castrator, Man-ipulator, and at times, acts like a MAN, herself. Four: It commissions itself. In Rev. 2:20, she "calls herself" a Prophetess. This demon was operating INSIDE the church. She teaches "fornication", (Greek: Porne...or pornography, all kinds of sexual immorality), and the people to eat things, "sacrificed to idols." This spirit is often found, in so-called female stars, celebrities, and proclaimed female Apostles and Prophetesses. This demonic spirit is a "Hot PropheMESS!" I researched them and discovered them to be, "quite brazen or without shame" (facedness). DEBORAH AND JEZEBEL Deborah had an anointing of Godly wisdom. Jezebel had a false anointing of un-Godly witchcraft. One is pure. The other is mixed. One is secure. The other is insecure and seeks preeminence. Deborah is bold as a Lioness. Jezebel was brazen, (Without Shame). Her name means, "w/o cohabitation or UN-husbanded." The name is foretelling of the demonic assignment. A female with this spirit is "un-banded, nearly impossible to cohabitate with, or cover, because of her ways." Five: It contaminates. It OPERATES through intimidation, seduction, and often sensuality. Six: It conspires. TARGETS the vulnerable, the open, the admiring and especially those who have "familiar spirits, generational curses unbroken. The prophetically gifted are targeted, more than any. She makes, even Prophets, like Elijah, wish to die! Thats how strong she intimidates. PYTHON/DIVA Seven: It has a companion. This demon spirit, has no gender, but primarily attaches to women. She is often linked with the spirit of divination, or DIVA spirit. (Acts 16:16). Which is a spirit of "Puthos or Python." A demon that lures, constricts and then interjects venom. They got rid of JEZEBEL, by kicking her out of the house. "KICK THAT WITCH OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!" Then, Jezebel's daughter, Athaliah, took over power......

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