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SPIRITUAL CLEANING OF ONES HOUSE FROM HOST SPIRITS AND ACCUSED OBJECTS As I travel around the world I come across many houses that are in need of spiritual cleaning from accused things. There are more a less three ways or reasons a demon can come into your house. First, someone has opened a spiritual door that allows the evil spirit to come in. Second, someone with a bad spirit carried the demon into the house. They came into the house and brought the spirit with them. Third and maybe more commonly, Satan has set an assignment against the house. You can by sin or a certain lifestyle allow an opening for the enemy to come into your house. Others who have evil spirits take the spirit with them where ever they go. But it can also be a set assignment of the powers of the enemy working against you. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 “(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” Normally when this passage is quoted, verse 6 is left out, but it is a key in this battle. (V.6) “And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.” When you do what God requires of you, He is saying that He will show up and take care of your enemy. It is all dependant upon your doing your part to obey and pull down the strongholds and casting down the imaginations. When He sees your readiness to be obedient then He is ready to come through on your behalf and deliver you. Prayer for your house that you must pray: God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, I am a Christian. I believe and trust in your Holy Bible. I believe and trust the truth, that you alone have all power and authority in Heaven and Earth. I come to you, asking for the spiritual cleansing of this place, for it to become new and clean supernaturally, a safe Christian environment for me (and my family). In the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior God, Holy Ghost please do the work I need right now. As a saved Christian, I renounce and reject any sins, known or unknown to me, that have been committed here by anyone (including me or my family). I renounce and reject any sinful items ever kept here, I renounce and reject any sinful things that were broadcast here, I renounce and reject any sinful or evil people who lived here or entered here. In the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I RENOUNCE AND REJECT any satanic claim attempts on this place, or on those who live here, or on items kept here, based upon these things that I have renounced. As a saved Christian, I command any demon, false angel, spirit or ghost trying to hang out here to be bound and rebuked away by the Power of the Holy Ghost and never return! Holy Ghost I trust you to do this work right now. I claim this place as a place of Christian spiritual safety and protection. I bless this place in the name of my God; Jesus Christ. I ask You Lord Jesus Christ to secure your blessing and spiritual protection while we (your Christians) stay and live here, clean it with Your Holy Blood, and let it be made as new for me (and my family). Let only thy Holy Ghost and Holy Angels of Heaven be here with us! Amen! Praise God! Have faith and be at peace now, Jesus Christ has ALL THE POWER REQUIRED... "And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new." (Revelation 21:5). Anointing Your House With Oil Once Finished praying then you can anoint your house with oil. Firstly bless the oil in a cup asking the Lord to anoint it for the purpose of cleansing the house and start from the back of the house sweeping (moving) through each room as though you were sweeping the rooms from front to back. With your finger anoint each wall in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit driving each demon out of each room until you get to a door way and the ask the Father to send is angel to guard each door way or hall way. Once you Finish that area continue going through each room until you drive each and everything out of the house through the front door. Plead the blood of Jesus over the front door way and over the house through prayer and repeat if you notice any future signs of disturbance. As you are going around the house please pray for accursed objects that may have entered the house that needs destroying. Ridding Your Home of Witchcraft: Satanic Objects Some of these ties could be objects that were used in cult and occult practices, whether purchased by yourself, by someone else, or handed down. These objects represent Satan and therefore we need to cleanse our home of them. We can unknowingly have ornamental objects, books or ornaments (idols) that pertain to false religions, cults, the occult and anything pertaining to Satan’s kingdom, CD’s, records, books, etc. in our homes that we are not aware of that can bring in a curse. We are commanded to have nothing to do with these kind of things in scripture. Deuteronomy 7:25-26 states, “The graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire: thou shalt not desire the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it unto thee, lest thou be snared therein: for it is an abomination to the Lord thy God. Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.” Many Christians have brought idols and other works of evil into their homes without realizing the harm and curse that also comes in with them. Idols or statues that others use for worship are specifically forbidden in Scripture. Statues of Buddha are one of the most common idols seen in homes. Satan has deceived people by presenting these as decorator items. Objects such as these should be burned or destroyed, for they open lives up to Satanic bondage and attack. When looking for any objects in your home always be led by the Holy Spirit who will bring items to your mind or you may just get a feeling about something that it is not right. These can include ornaments purchased from a honey moon or other trips especially foreign excursions including figurines of gods and goddess’s and other ornaments from places like Greece, India, Asia, Rome, etc. Many times it is gifts brought back from friends or relatives who have traveled to such places, and sometimes even family heirlooms passed down. Often Christians are reluctant to get rid of an object due to the cost, value, or emotional attachment to the object. They reason this cost a lot or has a specific sentimental value so I couldn’t part with it, deciding in their mind it was alright. Be willing to invite a fellow believer who will be honest enough with you to say what they feel the Holy Spirit is telling them about the object. In addition, with the advent to the Internet it is very easy to research images in question, where many often find their items are indeed an abomination to our Lord. Items of Graven Images and Other Artifacts (this is not a complete list): *Signs of the zodiac *Voodoo dolls or anything used in casting spells *The Crescent and Star *The five pointed star (pentagram) turned upside down (used in Satan worship) *The horn of the unicorn, swastika, yin yang symbol *Emblems of various lodges (those who take oaths with a curse) *Additional Evil books (witchcraft, false religions, false Bibles, lucid sex books, parapsychology, new age, human philosophies, pornographic books, etc.) *Stuffed animals that represent evil or witchcraft (even some unclean animals such a frogs, owls, snakes, etc.) *Anything used in fortune telling (playing/tarot cards, crystal ball, witching sticks, Ouija boards) *Books on or by the cults (Book of Mormons by Joseph Smith, *New World Bible Translation, books by Mary Baker Eddy, etc.) *Rock and Rap music with evil lyrics *The peace sign of the upside down cross with the limbs broken *Much of what is now on TV is ungodly in nature. More and more shows are about the ungodly supernatural (magic and witchcraft) … also shows that glorify divorce and remarriage or premarital relations *Even some of our religious symbols can be classified as graven images such as: *Any statue, carving, or picture used as an object of worship *The crucifix with Jesus remaining on it *Statues of Mary and child used in worship *Statues of other “saints” used in worship There is, however, an extreme to be avoided in dealing with objects. Some people begin seeing demons in everything. Satan can push us to an extreme of unnecessarily destroying certain items. If we have a question about an article, we simply need to ask the Holy Spirit if it needs destroying. If objects that are not of an occult nature are in question (perhaps because of their ownership by someone evil), the Lord will give us His wisdom in the matter if we seek Him. Where neutral objects are in question we can simply exercise our spiritual authority and command all evil ties to be broken over them. HAPPPY CLEANING

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