My 7 Year Old Daughters Recent Dream of the Imminent Rapture Coming A couple nights back in the middle of the night my 7 year old daughter Bethany was having difficulty sleeping, because she claimed that a demonic monster was under the bed. Never taking these things for granted I went to her room and prayed over her. She then came back to me an hour later complaining that it was still there, so this time I grabbed the anointed oil and started anointing the whole room under the bed and the door way and casting out that foul spirit that my daughter was so terrified from. After these prayers had finished she laid her head down and she fell asleep within minutes. Then the next day when we all woke up, my daughter came to me running saying that she had a dream that she went to heaven and that the angels took us up in the clouds at the sound of the Trumpet. This is where the dream comes from below and I felt to ask her what happen and wrote it down to warn the people. I know the detail of things she was describing could not have been made up in her imagination and more detail could have been added, but the urgency of the immeninet return was more important to take from this dream. Trumpet Sounds My immediate family of parents and 4 sisters, 1 brother along with some Pastors from Sureway International Christian Ministries were all gathered in a Park near my Grandmother’s house during the day and we were all looking up in the sky, as though we knew something was going to take place. While looking up, we then saw ten sets of Angels hand stick out of the clouds each with a trumpet. Then they started blowing the trumpets and they did this for about 7 seconds. After they had finished the hands with drew as though they put the trumpets down and eleven Angels came flying down from the clouds to the park we were all standing at. Once they landed they picked each one of us up like the way you hold a baby and were escorted by an Angel guide that carried nobody. They all seemed to be about 7 feet tall and wearing beautiful white garments. Raptured into the Heaven The Angels all followed the escort right up till they came to the gates of heaven that were so beautiful with two posts on either side with pearls on the top made of Gold with a door that was made out of a beautiful stainless type metal that had circle pearls, diamonds and jewels built within it. The escort Angel opened the gate and lead us through heaven where the paths were gold. Then they carried us straight to the wedding feast banquet. Wedding Banquet I saw our Home Church members sitting already waiting at the table and the table and Chairs were Gold and beautiful and Jesus was sitting at the head of the table he seemed to be about 7-8 feet tall and wore a Kings crown and clothes. Once we come through to the seat where we were suppose to sit, the angel dropped us and we were changed already into our beautiful white garments like something that is so different and made especially by the Angels for us. The table was full of food that had already been prepared by the Angels for us and the entire cutlery cups were the best fit for a King. Then we were told to sit down and once all the people arrived which were coming at different times, but very close to each other. The angels then went around the room and started placing crowns on each on the people and I seemed to be around 16 years of age. Jesus Shares and prays Jesus said something to all the people and the Angels asked us to join in and we all gave thanks for the food that we were about to partake. Then we started the feast and the people were very happy enjoying themselves talking and eating and Jesus was speaking to most of everyone. Special Paper with Age given to each person Then we had beautiful desert and once all finished the Angels went around the room behind each person and wrote on a special bit of paper the age of the person and this is how I found out that I was now 16 years old as it had it written on the paper the number 16. All the peoples shoes were beautiful the girls had gold high hills, but they were short heels and the boys also had gold shoes without the heels. HE IS COMING, THE KING IS COMING! ARE YOU RAPTURE READY?

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