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Revolution Fire

By Pastor Robert Clancy .... Just like William Booth did over 100 years ago when he cried out to the Lord to “send His fire”, so we need it urgently today within this last prophetic hour. We need God to send His fire to bring a complete revolution to the church today, starting first with genuine repentance in the house of God, then to a complete fundamental change towards restoration of holiness & righteousness within the house of God.

Revolution Meaning: 1. (n.) A total or radical change; as, a revolution in one's circumstances or way of living. A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, "a turn around") is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. My deep prayer is that this End-Time Latter Revival that is flowing from Kenya will create more than revival, but that it flames a revolution in the church. What I mean is once people drink from this pure message, after getting the revelation that brings transformation it will start a revolution within their churches bringing sudden radical change and preparation for the coming of the Lord. Revival builds momentum, but revoution is change in a short period of time. We are running out of time and we need a radical revolution like never before. For the purpose of this discussion we will look at the story of Nehemiah in the bible that started a revolution in his day. We want to see how this one man’s deep cry unto the Lord for the state of a nation to be restored to holiness and righteousness and rebuild its walls and foundations. Working alongside prophets such as Ezra that God used to bring revival through proper teaching and the restoration of proper worship in the temple. It is also more than likely Nehemiah worked alongside Malachi who helped to eradicate the evil of worship of many Gods, and they attacked the evil of compromise within the people of God. Just like today Jehovah has raised His End-Time Prophet Dr David Owour ( to restore proper teaching on Holiness, Righteousness & worship within the church, that the people may see revival to be ready for His imminent rapture. Nehemiah was a cup bearer of the Persian King and very far from his ancestral land, but when He heard from a fellow Jew of the state of distress within the city of Jerusalem He Wept, travailed, lamented & mourned for many days with fasting and prayers. (Neh 1:3-4) It was during this time that He cried out to the Lord of Heaven to forgive Him and his ancestors of their sin and remind Jehovah of His promise to His chosen people and bringing restoration and if the Lord could use Him he would go if mercy & favor came from the Persian King. (Neh 1:5-11) How many of us have had their spiritual eyes open to the distressed state of the church and cried out unto the Lord with deep weeping, lamenting, travailing & mourning within this hour? We need more Nehemiah’s in this hour of desperation before the soon coming of the Lord. Deep travail & prayer that will call the Lord down through His promised word like i.e. scriptures “If My People are called by My name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land.“ 2 Chronicles 7:14 Then Nehemiah faces His King as the cup bearer only to be asked by the King “why is your face sad, as you are not sick”? Many are rejoicing in the church when it is time to grieve for the state of the evil there within and the distress that is coming in the tribulation for those left behind. Then Nehemiah speaks his heart “to rebuild his city” to the King, He speaks it out as nothing else matters to him now and there is nothing else more important. The King grants him the request with the Lords favor that now rested upon him from that day. See it is only when you step out does God meet you in your provision to accomplish the mission ahead that is birthed by the Holy Spirit. See Nehemiah was not an engineer or a builder and most likely not qualified for the job, but he was obedient and had urgency to rebuilding the city for the state of distress was too much for him to bear. What is the driving force behind you today? Are you comfortable in your profession, church, family or circle of friends when then Lord is trying to speak to you about distress and the urgency of His soon return? See you may not be qualified by the world’s standard gone to Bible College etc, but when God calls you no man can shut the door no matter how much they try to discourage you. He is raising the lay people in the hour to Arise & Shine! They can stop you ministering in their churches, but they cannot stop the fire the Lord has birthed within you. When Nehemiah first went to the city he spent four days inspecting the state of the walls and the foundations. In other words that would be like checking the spiritual state of the church today and the stain that is on the garment. When Nehemiah was starting to build the wall he had many challenges those that opposed the work from inside and outside and that is the same when we preach this message of Repentance Holiness & Righteousness. In most cases outside on Kenya you will be a remnant that has embraced this message and the burden that goes along with it. This is why we need to learn to stand alone in the church within this hour until the Lord completes our missions, not getting offended just enduring until the end. Holiness is the goal of the saints on earth and the reward of the saints in heaven. But when you preach Holiness strongly and clearly you will get opposition typically from two sides in the church this is due to all the false doctrines i.e. the prosperity gospel and the once saved always saved: 1. The first to oppose are those that like their sin, those that don’t want to be told what they are doing is wrong. Just like when you go to a doctor with a problem you don’t want him to tell you that you need to change your lifestyle, you have to change your diet or start exercise. All you want is for him to give you a quick pill to take away the pain and just fix the problem.

Just like many Christians they want the blessings of God, joy of God, fullness of God, healing of God, provisions of God, anointing of God, revival of God, but often we do not want to hear about sin and be told our sin is blocking the presence of God and will cost them their eternity. That sin is the issue that is stopping these things from happening and being manifest in our life. You get a lot of opposition when preaching holiness, because flesh likes sin. When we sin it is not the devils fault, our neighbors fault or our family’s fault, No it is our fault. See we don’t like to take responsibility for our actions often; more so we like to put it on someone else. When we are comfortable we don’t like to be afflicted. We like to comfort those being afflicted, but not afflicted when we are comfortable. When we are comfortable in our sin we don’t like to be told sleeping with our soon to be husband or wife (fiancée) is sin. When we are wearing clothes that are not modest i.e. tight pants, mini shirts, tight tops with breast exposed in the house of God we don’t like being told it is sin. When we wake up in the morning who are we dressing for? The Lord He is holy, so we must also dress holy! We don’t like to be told drinking beer or smoking cigarettes is sin. We don’t like to be told what TV programs wouldn’t be acceptable to be played in church on a Sunday, should not be played at home either. See people don’t want to hear that their favorite sin will separate them from God period. 2. Then there are those that are hungry for God and don’t like their sin, but doesn’t matter even when you are preaching holiness in a loving and Godly way, full of the Holy Spirit all they hear is legalism and bondage. All they see is being put into a box and oppressed with some saying things like “I was brought up in that when I was a child in a traditional church and I want to be free of that.” See we know Legalism is death, but just as it is death, so Holiness brings Life. Holiness is not just dead to sin, but brings true life. The problem is something that is just opposed to us from the outside, but has not had an inward conviction will bring death. See everything starts from the outside first when God first comes to convict us, it starts from the outside when you get ministered too, when you first hear that what you are doing is sin etc, but when it stays on the outside without the conviction on the inside that becomes Legalism. When we try and force people into a standard, without allowing the Holy Spirit to bring the conviction that is legalism. To think that by getting someone to conform to our standard is making them holy is legalism. Everything flows from our relationship with God. Legalism is none relational with God; it does not come by abiding in the vine and lacks also the presence of God. This is a Poem written by John Bunyan who was imprisoned for many years for the gospels sack. “To run and work, the law commands, But gives us neither feet nor hands. Far better news the gospel brings: It bids us fly and gives us wings.” Holiness is God empowered, Holiness is when God Himself changes and transforms our nature. Holiness is not just a set of rules and regulations. Holiness is conformity to the Character and will of God. As He is so are we in this world. Holiness is being like Jesus. Is there anyone that does not want to be like Jesus? Holiness is beautiful, Holiness is wonderful, and it is pure. Just like looking at a beautiful clear crystal stream that you can see all the way to the bottom or like drinking from a fountain of refreshing water that is just so quenchable and wonderful. Grace was given to us to be able to live holy lives and keeps a fresh fear of the Lord. See King David’s biggest fear in Psalm 51 was that the Holy Spirit would depart from him. The problem is the modern church has forgotten the fear of the Lord and we must continue to speak the truth even if you are the only one speaking it in your city. Don’t underestimate what the Lord can do through one person as He used Nehemiah, so to He can use you if you “Catch The Fire Of Repentance Revival”. You may start from the streets, the prisons, the hospital, in your house, which can lead to a hall, to the radio and then to bigger venues to get this message out. Proverbs 9:10 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." Our Holiness should become as baptism, which is an outward form of an inward conviction. When it really comes from a transformed heart, no matter who is around you they will see it because everything changes in your life from the inside out. See an inward conviction without change of the outside will not change your disposition to those around you, as many things speak the reverence of the Lord to those around us. Your approach to people, the way we conduct ourselves, the way we dress always modest dressing (No mini shirts, tight trousers, tight tops exposing breasts), our words & humility etc. So the next time you confess to fearing the Lord, ask the Holy Spirit, does He see the fruits of repentance (Holiness, Purity, Humility & Righteousness) in your life from the inside out? You may be very surprised to the answer that comes back to you, as there is always an area of improvement, especially for those that are set to enter into the rapture. The general status quo in the modern day church within this hour is not something to bench mark yourself with and that is why we need to go back to the holy word to show us the way. The 101 of basics in the church has been lost and just like Nehemiah we need a revolution in the house of God that new converts may have a good example to look up to once again. William Booth wrote this song over 100 years ago and it is still the cry of the remnants hearts that God would send His fire that will bring a complete revolution. I encourage you to be Like Nehemiah before the Lord and cry out for your churches within your cities and nations that we may see a revolution. Let this be a theme song for us as we cry out to God! William Booth – Send The Fire O God of burning cleansing flame: Send the fire! Your blood-bought gift today we claim: Send the fire today! Look down and see this waiting host, And send the promised Holy Ghost; We need another Pentecost! Send the fire today! Send the fire today! God of Elijah, hear our cry: Send the fire! And make us fit to live or die: Send the fire today! To burn up every trace of sin, To bring the light and glory in, The revolution now begin! Send the fire today! Send the fire today! It's fire we want, for fire we plead: Send the fire! The fire will meet our every need: Send the fire today! For strength to always do what's right, For grace to conquer in the fight, For power to walk the world in white: Send the fire today! Send the fire today! To make our weak hearts strong and brave: Send the fire! To live, a dying world to save: Send the fire today! Oh, see us on Your altar lay, We give our lives to you today, So crown the offering now we pray: Send the fire today! Send the fire today! Send the fire today!

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