Spiritual Mentor

Bishop Rev. Dr. Williams & Claire Osagiede


William is a man of passion of God in his life. He is a unique Pastor, husband, father and author. Dr William is usually known as the man that has the fire of God in his bones. Born in Africa, Dr William has ministered extensively in many countries throughout Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and the USA. He frequently teaches in Bible Colleges and institutes with a vision to reach the world with unlimited & powerful message of the cross, manifesting the signs promised in the Word of God.


Bishop of Sureway International Christian Ministries –Malta / Africa/ Australia and Author of the following books "A Church without Problems" & “When Jesus Comes to Town”. By Divine call, he and his wife Pastor Claire & two sons Zachariah 15 & Caleb 12 have come to Australia to fulfill God`s mandate for their lives. Since being here they have planted a strong Church in Melbourne, which the Lord has brought many wonderful and amazing revivals and also other places where he has ministered during itinerant minister. His Radio Ministry (Moments of Inspiration http://www.979fm.net/) reaches all of Melbourne with the gospel of Jesus Christ twice weekly.



Web Page: http://sureway.org/



Pastor Kabelo Nthebe

Contact:  +27839221146

Email: pst.nthebe@yahoo.co.za


Missionary Pastor Robert & Pastor Aida Clancy


My name is Pastor Robert Clancy a man who walks by Faith, a Missionary, Revivalist, Church Planter, Husband, Father, & Pastor who is completely sold out for the Lord Jesus Christ. I have experience Ministering in many parts of Asia, Africa, India, South America, USA and in my country of origin Australia. We have been seeing many amazing manifestations in signs and wonders following the preaching of the gospel. My testimony dates back to the year 1997 after the Lord visited me in a powerful way and delivered and saved me from a gangster and criminal lifestyle. NO one had ever ministered to me before or handed a gospel tract, but the Lord started to reveal what I would do in the future for His glory. A former martial arts school owner and trained in many different disciplines of Martial Arts I was a lethal weapon using these skills for wrong, until the Lord delivered and saved me.


I had my first missionary trip to East Timor during the late months of 1999, to expand the gospel throughout the early 2000’s in East Timor in which I later married a Timorese wife (Aida Afonso De Jesus), in which we have been blessed with 6 children. During this period since first coming to the Lord I have worked within ministry in different capacities with different ministries, but it was not until 2011 the Lord called me full-time in the ministry. Awaiting confirmation my wife agreed to sell our house and extra comforts to follow the Lord in a new level of covenant with Him.


Within that call I was also called to leave my Full Time Operations Management career and sell my house and leave Australia for Africa with my family, in which we were obedient to accept the call and had not looked back since.


During those early years He showed me going to many nations preaching the gospel. The Lord gave me a vision for Africa that showed revival from Africa was being ignited and then like fire lights, it spread throughout many parts of the African continent and then to the rest of the globe. Just like John G Lake a father of faith, we go by faith taking all my children all the way to Africa. Since then we established our mission and returned to continue dedicating our life’s to this message of the cross and reaching to very remote places.


For the last 3 years I primarily travel as an itinerant preacher travelling to more than 10 nations each year, as to spread the urgent message of the Gospel and the Lords return with signs following.


I am an ordained Bishop under (KMKP) and Reverend under (AOG) Sureway International Christian Ministries, operating under Narrow Path Ministries International (www.repentancerevival.com).