“Catch The Fire Of Repentance Revival” is the revival arm of THE NARROW PATH MINISTIRES INTERNATIONAL (A Minstry Of Repentance & Holiness Inc Perth, Australia) and its sole purpose is to spark the fire in the hearts of man, so the Lord can flame the fire and set people ablaze into revival to help prepare the way of the soon coming Messiah. 


This team of international ministers has been called to every city to ignite the repentance revival fire that will bring in the latter rain. These ministers are well established in Africa, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, UK, Europe, Australia & Parts of Asia and are seeing rapid growth in church planting due to revival. pent  They have a mandate to help raise up the end-time army of the Lord and one that will march forward in their God-given destinies and prepare their garments in Holiness & Righteousness, for the imminent rapture of the bride. 


We would achieve this by employing every means of communication to reach the lost: tract distribution, internet, radio, television, missionary trips, Pastors' conferences, revival prayer meetings, crusades, house to house evangelism and street preaching. The purpose is to equip and send men and women of God with the Father’s heart to this dying world to herald the importance of the church being prepared for the rapture and ensure they are rapture ready.


Glory to God he will build his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail!!

"Be Watchful, Be Sober, Jesus is Coming, Live Daily For Him, Be Rapture Ready Now!” 









Future ministry trips are in planning for 2019-2020 will be posted when confirmed.






Catch the Fire of Repentance Revival

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